Configuring the Nokia N900 for NuevaSync

We recommend that you back up your device before configuring sync.
Although it is possible to use the "initial sync" process to move existing
data (contacts and calendar events) to the service's data source (e.g. Google)
we do not recommend this approach. The device may not wait long enough for the
data to be stored, leading to time outs and either lost or duplicated data.
We recommend first importing your data to the data source (e.g. Google).
Then ensure that the device is "empty". Finally, configure sync.
This ensures the maximum change of success and the minimum chance of
data loss or duplication.
First open the settings application:
Then open "Mail for Exchange":
Click "Next":
Then enter your email address, NuevaSync username and password.
Note that the email address you enter here will be used for the
sender address on any email composed on the device (unless overridden
via advanced settings on our web site). The "Domain" field can be left empty:
Note that sometimes the device will pause for a while at this stage.
It is attempting to auto-configure the server settings from a URL derived
from the email address entered earlier. Typically this process times out after
no more than 30 seconds. If you can't get the device to proceed to the next screen
then try again entering a fake email address :

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