Yahoo Questions

Is Yahoo contact sync service free?

The beta service is currently available to both free and Premium Service users.

If I create or update a contact on my phone, how quickly does the change get to Yahoo?

Changes made on the device should appear at Yahoo within a few seconds, unless your phone for some reason decides to delay sending the change.

I changed a picture on my phone and it looks fine, why don't I see that change at Yahoo?

Yahoo! doesn't allow users to set pictures for their contacts. Every contact chooses their own picture for themselves. However, if enabled for your account, we will store any picture your device sends so that if it ever resyncs the picture will not be lost.

Can I use contact categories?

Yes, but only if you have a device that supports categories. At present only Windows Phones do. Categories on the phone map directly to Yahoo contact categories.

Why do the category names look different?

Yahoo! has a limit of 15 characters in a category name, and specifies that they contain no spaces or special characters. Though they sometimes allow the latter restriction to slide, we adjust the category name to fit the Yahoo! guidelines before sending it Yahoo!

Can I sync my Yahoo Calendar with NuevaSync?

No, not at present.

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