NuevaSync can synchronize your Yahoo! address book with any supported device (including the iPhone, Windows Phones, Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Palm and BlackBerry).

Yahoo! Contacts Sync Features

Yahoo! Contacts Sync provides:

  • Two way synchronization of all contacts.
  • Secure OAuth authentication.
  • Synchronizes all device fields to Yahoo!
  • Works with Contacts Capture.
  • Avoids clutter by syncing not syncing contacts IM-only contacts.

Account Setup

To setup your account, open your service selection page and choose Yahoo!


On the configuration page, enter your Yahoo! id and click ‘Request Account Access’:


Sign in at Yahoo! with the account you want to sync:


After signing in, click ‘Continue’ to finish link your account:


And you’re done!


Yahoo Sync Questions? The answer could be on the common questions page.
Need help setting up your phone? Check the device setup page for instructions.

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