Configuring Windows Mobile devices for NuevaSync

1. Open the phone's ActiveSync application which will offer to setup the device to use a server.
2. Enter your email address on the next screen and click next.
Note that the phone will not use this address when you compose messages.
The sender address is added by our service. Some older devices don't have this screen.
3. Uncheck the "Attempt to detect..." checkbox and click "Next".

4. On the next screen enter the server name:
5. Leave the SSL checkbox checked and click next.
6. Enter your NuevaSync username and password.
Some phones will require something entered in the Domain field.
Enter anything you like (e.g. "notused") because we don't use that field.
7. Leave the "Save password" checkbox checked and click "Next".

8. On the next screen select sync for mail, contacts and calendar.
Note that at present tasks are not supported. If in doubt, leave them all on and click the Finish button.
9. Your phone should then contact the service and begin its initial sync.

If there's an error at this point check your username, password and server name for typos.
The initial sync may take a while depending on how many contacts and calendar events you have.

Once the initial sync has completed, you should check the sync schedule settings are correct for push service.
Click "Menu" and select "Schedule". Check that both schedule settings are "As items arrive".

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