Open the Windows 8 UI Mail application from the Start screen.


Activate the panel on the right-hand side by touching or moving the cursor to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose Settings.


When the Settings panel opens, choose Accounts.


Then click Add an account


Choose an Outlook style account.


When the Add your Outlook account dialog appears, click Show more details.


Fill in your e-mail address, and your NuevaSync account details (username, password, and server address, It is OK to leave the Domain field blank. When you are done, click Continue.


After connecting, you may be presented with a dialog prompting you about security settings. If this happens, choose Enforce these policies.


And you are syncing!

Optional: If you would like to make any changes to your synchronization settings, open the account settings again (see steps 1-3) and choose your NuevaSync account. From there, you can choose options like how many days of mail to synchronize, your synchronization schedule, and what types of content to sync.


Optional: Under Settings in the Calendar application, you can make further adjustments, such as which of your calendars you would like to display, their color, etc.


Optional: Under Settings in the People application, you can adjust the sort order of your contacts, and which contact sources you would like to use by default.


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