Common Toodledo Questions

My sync stopped working after I enabled tasks sync, what's up with that?

Usually this is caused by entering an incorrect Toodledo username or password on our web site. We don't yet have automatic credential checking for Toodledo and so there's no way to know that you've mis-typed the username or password. An incorrect username or password will break your device's sync. Note that the Toodledo username entered on our web site must be the email address you used for your Toodledo account, with the '@' and so on.

Why don't you support Google Tasks?

There's no API for Google Tasks at present. Plus Toodledo is much nicer to use.

I have an iPhone and I'd like my Tasks Synced

Sorry, there's no support for tasks on the iPhone at present. Only Windows Mobile, Nokia and Palm Pre devices have tasks support. There is an iPhone app for Toodledo however.

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