Push Email Common Questions

How do I get your Push Email Service?

You need to subscribe to our Premium Service.

What is Push Email?

New messages arrive on your phone when they're delivered into your mailbox, rather than every once in a while, or only when you open the phone's mail app. Your phone beeps/vibrates when a message arrives even when it's sleeping in your pocket.

Ok, but how fast is it?

New message delay depends on your cell network speed, but the delay between message delivery and the phone beeping (and the message available to read on the phone) is usually between 5 and 10 seconds. Some users report that their phone beeps before their desktop mail application, but typically it's a second or two later.

Which Email services does it work with?

Any service or server that supports the IMAP protocol. This includes GMail, Google Apps mail, AOL Mail and FastMail but not Hotmail. Most ISP and corporate servers also have IMAP and are supported.

Don't you have a web page with more information on the service?

Yes we do, here.

Can I do all my normal Email activities with your service?

Indeed you can. You'll use your phone's Email application and so you can read, compose, delete, move to folders, forward, reply and so on. And if your supports it, you can even search the remote server for old messages.

How will Push Email service affect my phone's battery life?

It depends, but most users report significantly improved battery life. This is probably because they're turning their phone on less often to check for new Email. We haven't heard from any users reporting shorter battery life after converting to push.

What kinds of phone are supported?

All of our usual devices, including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia N900 and S60 series, Android, and the Palm Pre.

How does it work?

Your phone's built-in Exchange sync client software communicates with our service. In turn our service accesses your mailbox using the standard IMAP protocol. Your mail server notifies our service in real-time as messages arrive. Our service in turn notifies your phone.

Do I need to supply my email password?

It depends: GMail users do not. The service needs to have access to your mailbox in order to deliver message data to your device and with today's technology that can usually only be done with the user's password. An exception is Google's GMail service which has support for a password-free authentication technique called OAuth. So GMail users don't need to enter their password anywhere on our site, and we don't see or store their email passwords at all. We take security and your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Does your service use Apple's Push Notification Service (new in iPhone 3.0)?

No it doesn't. It uses the iPhone's built in sync software, which communicates directly with our servers. Apple's servers are not involved at all, and therefore we have complete control over service quality factors such as message notification delay.

How do I change the sender Email address for messages composed on my phone?

If you have an iPhone, then just change the Email address configured in the sync account on your phone. If you prefer, you can also override the sender address from the phone in the advanced Email settings page on our web site. Windows Mobile device owners need to use the web site override method because those devices don't have a sender address (the email address you enter when setting up sync is only used for autoconfiguration, never as a sender address). Note: if you use AOL email, don't change your sender address because AOL's SMTP servers will refuse to send your messages (they check that the sender address matches your AOL account).

How do I find out about known issues?

We maintain a list of known service, device and mail server issues here.

Can I sync my calendar and contacts too?

Yes. Push Email is an additional capability to our free service, which syncs Google contacts and calendar.

Draft messages saved on my phone don't show up on my desktop, what's up with that?

Strange is it may seem, this is the way the devices' sync software has been designed to work. We have a page that explains this in detail.

I'm a Windows Mobile user and I want to forward messages inline.

While Apple devices generate their own reply and forward messages, Windows Mobile phones have a useful feature where the reply or forwarded message is made by our service. This saves sending the entire message to the phone and back again. The default forward type is "as attachment" but this can be changed in the Advanced Email settings page on our web site. Note that at present attachments are not copied onto forwarded messages when "inline" mode is enabled.

I'm a GMail user but I want to send email from my own domain (person@mydomain.com). How do I do that ?

If you are a GMail user then our service is using Google's SMTP service to send your outgoing messages. Google's SMTP service always replaces the sender address on messages with the address for the Google account used (e.g. my.name@gmail.com). So even if you change the sender address on our web site, Google will replace it. You can add additional sender addresses to your GMail account on the settings (Accounts and Import) page. However for some users this will add a "Sent on behalf of" with your GMail address. If you're a GMail user and you need complete control over the sender address you'll need to use an alternate SMTP service such as smtp2go.

My iPhone isn't receiving email pushed (mail only shows up when I open the mail app or manually sync)

The most common cause of these symptoms is that push is turned off on the phone. This page shows you how to check and enable it.

I use two or more mailboxes, can I have them all pushed?

No unfortunately you can't. At present the devices (except the Palm Pre and Android) only allow one sync account, and they don't provide any way to select which sender address to use. So even if we did allow multiple mailbox sync, it wouldn't be possible to send mail from the different addresses.

Does NuevaSync support server message search?

Yes, if your phone supports search. The iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm WebOS and some Android devices do. This page has more details.

Are reply and forward marks synchronized?

Yes, but only if you have a compatible device. Compatible devices are: Windows Mobile 6.5, older Windows Mobile devices that have the Outlook upgrade installed. It is also necessary to use an email service that correctly sets the IMAP reply and forward flags. Google's GMail web user interface does not do this.

I want to lock down my mail server. What IP addresses do your servers use?

Our servers are currently using addresses in the 64.13.152.xxx and 64.13.157.xxx subnets.

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