Configuring PocketPC 2003 Devices for NuevaSync

We recommend that you always back up your device before configuring sync.

First open the device's sync application and select "ToolsOptions" as shown on the left below.
In the next screen, select the "Server" tab then enter and the server name
and check the "This server uses an SSL connection" checkbox, then click the "Options" button:
In the next screen enter your NuevaSync username, the password for your NuevaSync account
and something for the Domain field (e.g. "Notused"). The device requires that you enter a
domain, but the actual value is never used. Click "ok" and then check the contacts and calendar
check boxes as required. Note that email sync is not supported and that the email check box
must be left un-checked:
After clicking "ok", the device will begin the initial sync process.
This type of device has a particularly short time out on the initial sync
and as a result you may seen an error at this stage at first. Keep clicking
the Sync button until the error is not seen.
You should see progress indication similar to the screen on the left below
and finally a status screen like the one on the right below:
Note that PocketPC 2003 devices do not support "push" sync.

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