Configuring PalmOS (Centro and Treo) Phones for NuevaSync

This page has configuration instructions for older Palm devices such as the Centro.
The setup process should be similar, but may differ in some details, for older Treo phones.
Users with newer Palm WebOS phones such as the Pre and Pixi should use these instructions.

Technical details on these devices' sync capabilities, along with any known
bugs, quirks and limitations are detailed on this page.

We recommend you take a backup of your device particularly
if it holds your only copy of valuable data like contacts.

Phone Setup

1. Sync setup is done in the phone's Email application (Versamail).
This is the case even if you only want to sync calendar or contacts.
If you don't want to sync email don't worry: NuevaSync creates an inactive
and empty inbox to keep the phone happy (it expects one).
Open the email application:


2. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password
as shown on the left below. If there is already an email account
configured then please click menu then accounts and finally new account
to create a new one. Enter your email address and the password for your
NuevaSync account.
Click "next" and the screen on the right below will be displayed.
Select "Outlook (EAS)" for the account type. Enter your NuevaSync
username and the server name "". It is not necessary
to open the advanced settings page at this point. Click done.

screen3.png screen4.png

3. Click "yes" as shown on the left below.
You should now see the initial sync progress displayed as on
the right below. This may take some time particularly if you
have many contacts and calendar events. After the initial sync
completes your phone should be syncing with "push" enabled.

screen5.png screen6.png

To see the next configuration steps, please continue to page 2.

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