Nokia Multiple Google Calendar Support (aka @Cal)


Many devices are designed on the basis that each user has only one calendar, and so do not natively support synchronizing multiple calendars. On the other hand, many Google Calendar users prefer to organize their events into separate calendars, such as one for work, one for family, one for church, etc. In the past NuevaSync has offered the option to include the calendar name in the "Category" field of the event. This allows users with phones that sync only one calendar, but display the Category field (e.g. Windows Mobile 6.x and Samsung Android) to manage multiple calendars. Unfortunately some devices (e.g. Nokia, Windows Phone 7) do not support the Category field. For these phones, NuevaSync has introduced the ability for the calendar name to be inserted into the event "Location" field, which almost all devices support.


Because the Location field is often used, and therefore may contain useful data, the calendar name is encoded and inserted before any existing field content, like this:

@Work Calendar, Conference Room 101

Adding new events on the device

Using the encoding scheme above, new events can be added to any synced calendar on the device. For example to create a new event in the "Work Calendar", enter this in the Location field at event creation time:

@Work Calendar
To create an event in a specified calendar, with a value in the Location field, add the location field content like this:
@Work Calendar, Conference Room 101

Calendar Name Abbreviation

To reduce typing on the device, calendar names may be specified using only the first letter of each word of the calendar name. For example "Work Calendar" can be entered as:


Moving Events

You can move events between calendars simply by changing the location field to the desired calendar. For example, to move an event to the "Family" calendar, enter a value like:

@Family, Aunt Tammie's House

How to enable/disable this feature

This feature is enabled automatically by default. To disable it:

  1. Click the Google Calendar Setup link on the main Control Panel page.
  2. Clear the calendar mapping checkbox to disable the feature, or check it to enable.
  3. Click 'Save'.

Tested Devices

The following device types have been tested with the Nokia Multiple Google Calendar feature:

  1. Nokia S60 Series (Symbian)
  2. Nokia Maemo (N900)
  3. Windows Phone 7
  4. Palm/HP webOS (HP Touchpad, etc.)

Known Limitations

  1. It is not possible to move an event between calendars if the event has attendees.
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