Configuring Current Nokia S60 Series Phones for NuevaSync, Page 2

3. Enter your email address, NuevaSync username and password
(the one you use to log into our web site) on the screen shown on the left below.
The email address you enter here will be used as the sender address on any
email composed on the phone but it doesn't need to match the email address
registered on your account.

4. Click next (and possibly next again a second time) to enter the server host name
( as shown on the right below:

Scap0021.png Scap0023.png

5. The next screen (on the left below) allows sync for calendar, contacts and tasks to
be enabled. Pick the data that you want to sync and click next.

6. The final screen, shown on the right below allows you to choose between either
retaining existing contacts and calendar events that are on the phone already,
or having any existing data automatically deleted before sync begins.
We recommend that calendar and contact data is uploaded to the data source
(e.g. Google, AOL or Yahoo) before configuring sync, and that "Delete from Phone"
is selected. This is because the initial sync process is not the most reliable
way to transfer data into the data source. Remember to be sure that your data
is backed up before asking for it to be deleted.

Scap0026.png Scap0027.png

Setup is now finished and the phone will begin syncing. It may take some time for it
to complete the initial sync process (several minutes), depending on network speed
and the number of contacts and events in your account.

To see how to enable "push" service, please continue to page 3.

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