Configuring Current Nokia S60 Series Phones for NuevaSync

This page has configuration instructions for newer devices that run Mail for Exchange version 3
including the E72, E75, E52 and E55. Users with older phones such as the E61, E61i
E70, and E71 should use these instructions.

Note that the following devices have Mail for Exchange pre-installed:
E75,E72,E55,E52,N86 8MP,Nokia 6710 Navigator,Nokia 6730 classic.
Although the E71 uses the newer Mail for Exchange version 3, it is not always pre-installed.
You may need to install it from the Ovi Store. This Nokia support page has more information.

Technical details on these devices' sync capabilities, along with any known
bugs, quirks and limitations are detailed on this page.

We recommend you take a backup of your device using PC Suite before configuring,
particularly if it holds your only copy of valuable data like contacts.

Phone Setup

1. Open the email application and then select "New Mailbox" like this:

Scap0013.png Scap0014.png

The device will next "phone home" to Nokia (it makes an SSL HTTP connection
to a Nokia server, presumably to ask permission to display the options on the
next screen. This is what it's up to when the "Preparing for setup" screen is
displayed (on the left below). After it's done with that you should see a list
of options.

2. Select "Mail for Exchange" as shown on the right below:

Scap0016.png Scap0019.png

If the option to select "Mail for Exchange" is missing then you have encountered an inscruitable aspect of Nokia's configuration wizard: sometimes when it "phones home", the device will be told not to offer Exchange as a choice. Why this happens we do not know. Fans of the television show "Seinfeld" will recognize this as a "No MfE for YOU!" situation. The workaround for this if it happens is to place the phone in a Faraday Cage. This prevents it from contacting the all powerful being that tells it not to make Mail for Exchange available. Putting the phone in flight/offline mode works just as well as the Faraday cage.

To see the next configuration steps, please continue to page 2.

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