Configuring the Nokia E71 for NuevaSync with MfE already installed

1. If Mail for Exchange is already installed installed, you should see it on
your phone, in the "Installations" folder, like the screen shot on the left below.
Open MfE and you'll see the screen on the right below:

Scap0033.png Scap0034.png

2. Click "yes" then enter your email address, anything for domain (e.g. "notused")
because MfE requires this field but our service doesn't use it. Then enter your
NuevaSync username and password. Some phones will also require an access point
to be configured. Select either automatic, or your cell company's data service.

Scap0035.png Scap0036.png

3. MfE will now try to autoconfigure. If you entered a GMail email address then
you'll probably see the certificate error shown in the screen shot below.
This error can be ignored. For more information see this page.

Scap0040.png Scap0039.png

4. After discovering that it can't autoconfigure, MfE will allow the server
to be entered ( "Secure connection" must be "Yes".

Scap0042.png Scap0043.png

5. Basic configuration is now complete but you should make sure that push is enabled
in the "Sync mode" screen. "Always on" means push is enabled as shown in the
screen shot below:


Please proceed to this page for more setup details.

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