Configuring the Nokia E71 for NuevaSync, Page 2

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The phone will now ask for a Domain, which is not used
with NuevaSync so you can enter anything you like (e.g. "notused"):

Scap0010.png Scap0015.png

Next enter the server name: and finally
the phone asks to install MfE (say yes):

Scap0016.png Scap0017.png

There are a few information screens to click through then
MfE should download and install, like this:

Scap0019.png Scap0021.png

Initially, MfE will probably fail to connect with an error shown below
on the left. This is expected because it's using the wrong username.
Correct this by editing the sync profile, as shown below:

Scap0024.png Scap0026.png

Select "credentials" to change the username and password:

Scap0027.png Scap0035.png

Make sure the username is your NuevaSync username (same one you use
to log into our web site). When your username and password are correct
you should see sync status displayed as shown below on the right:

Scap0036.png Scap0046.png

Now please proceed to page 3.

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