Configuring the Nokia E71 and E75 for NuevaSync

These are the configuration instructions the Nokia E71.
The E75 has a very similar setup process, so E75 users should also use these instructions.
Owners of other Nokia S60 Series phones such as the E72 should use this page.

We recommend you take a backup of your device using PC Suite before configuring,
particularly if it holds your only copy of valuable data like contacts.

If you haven't recently done so it's also a good idea to update the
firmware on your phone as Nokia may have released recent bug fixes to the sync application.

Note that if the "keep device data" option is selected during setup, the phone will send any calendar
events and contacts (if calendar or contact sync is enabled) to the service and these will be
treated as new records and added at Google. Therefore to avoid creating duplicates it's a good
idea to begin with either an empty device, or an empty Google account, or be prepared to
do some manual cleanup.

We have a sync quirks and limitations page for Noika S60 Series devices including the E71.

1 Look for Mail for Exchange on the phone

The E71 connects to NuevaSync with an application called "Mail for Exchange", or MfE.
Some phones already have MfE installed so the first thing to do is to check if your
E71 has it. Look in the "Installations" folder. If you have the blue "Mail for Exchange"
icon as shown in the bottom left of the screen shot below, then you have MfE installed
and so you can skip to the next stage. The E75 does not have the MfE icon.


2 Install MfE

The E71 is different to most other Nokia phones in that it needs to be persuaded
to install MfE via its email setup wizard. This requires some care because the
wizard is particularly magical. Start the wizard by clicking "Setup email" on
the home screen:


After some initial informational screens the wizard will ask for your email
address. The wizard works like this: it inspects the email address, and based
on the domain part (the bit after the @), it will try to "automagically" setup
the phone to access the user's mailbox. The tricky thing about this is that it
can 100% do the wrong thing! For example if you supply a email address
the phone will set up for Google IMAP, without offering any other alternative.

Since we want the phone to offer the option of installing MfE, it is
very important to give it an email address that is not recognized
as GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and so on.
The simplest way to achieve this is to enter your NuevaSync username
followed by Don't worry, this isn't actually used
anywhere as your email address. It's just a convenient way to out-fox
the E71's setup wizard.

Note that the E75 is slightly different in this part of the setup process
but has the same requirement to enter a non-GMail email address in order to
get Mail for Exchange as an option. E75 users can use this Nokia web page
to see screen shots showing how to enable MfE.


If you gave it an email address that it doesn't recognize then you'll
see the screen on the left below, then the option to select Mail for Exch,
as shown on the right below. If you don't see Mail for Exchange as an option,
and you did enter a non-Gmail, non-Yahoo email address above, then please
contact NuevaSync support for assistance.

Scap0008.png Scap0009.png

Click "Mail for Exch" to begin the setup process, continued on page 2.

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