Configuring older Nokia Phones for NuevaSync

These are the configuration instructions for older Nokia S60 Series phones
running MfE version 2: for example the E61, E61i, E70 and E71. Instructions for newer
devices such as the E52, E55 and E72 should use this page.

We recommend you take a backup of your device using PC Suite before configuring,
particularly if it holds your only copy of valuable data like contacts.

To get your device syncing you only need to install then setup Nokia's Exchange client
(called Mail for Exchange, or MfE) with the correct username, password and server name.
Some phones come with MfE pre-installed. If not, then it can be downloaded free from the
Ovi store (see this Nokia support page for more details).

If you haven't recently done so it's also a good idea to update the
firmware on your phone as there have been many bug fixes to the calendar application in recent months.

Note that MfE will send any calendar events and contacts (if calendar or contact sync is enabled)
to the service and these will be treated as new records and added at Google. Therefore to avoid
creating duplicates it's a good idea to begin with either an empty device, or an empty Google account,
or be prepared to do some manual cleanup.

1. Once installed, you should see MfE on your phone, like the screen shot on the left below.
Start MfE and you'll see the screen on the right below:

Screenshot0002.png Screenshot0003.png

2. Click "yes" then enter your email address, anything for domain (e.g. "notused")
because MfE requires this field but our service doesn't use it, and your
NuevaSync username and password. Some phones will also require an access point
to be configured. Select either automatic, or your cell carrier's data service.

Screenshot0015.png Screenshot0017.png

3. MfE will now try to autoconfigure. If you entered a GMail email address then
you'll probably see the certificate error shown in the screen shot below.
This error can be ignored. For more information see this page.

Screenshot0018.png Screenshot0019.png

4. After discovering that it can't autoconfigure, MfE will allow the server
to be entered ( "Secure connection" must be "Yes".

Screenshot0020.png Screenshot0021.png

5. Basic configuration is now complete but you should make sure that push is enabled
in the "Sync mode" screen. "Always on" means push is enabled as shown in the
screen shot below:


6. MfE will only emable email sync by default. This is to ensure that users
don't accidentally delete their contact or calendar data. To enable calendar
and contact sync, select OptionsEdit ProfileCalendar (or Contacts) and enable
like this:


7. Once the initial sync is complete, MfE's status screen should display
"Connected" as shown here:


Additional Resources

N97 Configuration Instructions
Information on how to install MfE on the E71x
How to find and access the Mail For Exchange log files.

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