Nokia Mail for Exchange (MfE) Sync Client Information


  1. MfE can sync contacts, calendar events, tasks and email.
  2. Tasks are viewed and edited via the device's calendar application. There is no separate tasks application.
  3. Push sync works via WiFi, even when the device is sleeping.
  4. Remote wipe is supported. The entire device is wiped (not just the synced content).
  5. HTML email can be downloaded and viewed, on user-request. Older devices such as the E61 do not support this capability.


  1. Although it has a search feature, MfE does not support server message search. Search is only done on messages that are already on the device.
  2. The device's contacts application does not support several fields including spouse and anniversary.
  3. Tasks are displayed with a limited set of fields: the categories field are missing for example.
  4. Tasks entered on the device must have a due date. Tasks without a due date synced to the device will have a default one added on the device.
  5. Repeating tasks are not supported.
  6. HTML email can not be composed on the device.

Known Bugs

  1. All-day events synced to the device appear as regular events spanning the time between midnight and midnight on the specified day (that is, an event lasting "all day").
All remaining known bugs are mitigated by work-around code in the service.

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