Nokia N900 Sync Client Information


  1. The N900 can sync contacts, calendar events, tasks and email.
  2. Tasks are viewed and edited via the device's calendar application. There is no separate tasks application.
  3. Email may be composed and sent as Rich Text (HTML) on the device.
  4. Push sync works via WiFi, even when the device is sleeping.


The following limitations are known to exist in the current version of the N900 sync client:

  1. Although the N900 supports email folders, it is not possible to disable sync for individual folders (see here for more details)
  2. Messages can not be moved between folders on the device.
  3. Although the device's calendar application supports multiple calendars, its sync client does not. But note that NuevaSync will "merge" calendars (e.g. from Google) into the single calendar the device does sync. So events from all calendars selected for sync will appear on the device (but in the single synced device calendar) and any new event created on the device will be added to the default calendar at Google. Events created on the device may be moved to another Google calendar on the desktop.
  4. This device does not support server message search.
  5. This device can not remote wipe.
  6. The device's contact application does not support the contact "File As" field, nor does it support middle names or initials.
  7. The device's contacts application does not support the spouse and anniversary fields.
  8. Tasks are displayed with a limited set of fields: the notes and categories fields are missing for example.
  9. Although the device supports Notes as a record type in the calendar application, they are not synced.

Known Bugs

  1. Contact birthdays are displayed incorrectly on the device (one day later than expected) in some time zones (this is a device bug).
  2. The device will display an "alert" (the yellow thing with the message subject) for a new message even if the message has long ago been deleted on the server. This can be irritating in the case of spam messages that are delivered then deleted shortly after. For example Google's GMail spam filtering sometimes does this. The result will be an alert on the device for spam that has already been filtered.
  3. If for some reason the server's SSL certificate fails validation (this can happen due to the device time being set way in the future or past for example), the device will display a bizarre and unhelpful error message stating that the user's Exchange account has been disabled.
  4. The device has an unpleasant bug where it will first try to resolve the server host name with a AAAA record DNS lookup. If that returns an address (which will be the case if the host has been configured to respond to IPv6-connected clients) then the device displays an error message and refuses to proceed. NuevaSync users should configure N900 devices with this host name to work around this bug :
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