Configuring the Nokia N900 for NuevaSync - page 2

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Now enter the server name
The default port (443) and secure connection settings can be left as they are.
Secure connection must be enabled, and port 443 must be used:
If you see the message:
"Error. Either Exchange server requires secure connection or account is disabled."
at this stage, then your device has this bug.

Click "Next" and select the data to sync on this screen.
We do not recommend changing the "Keep items on device" setting.
(The alternative "Delete items on device" option only deletes
existing contacts, not calendar events. We recommend that if required,
existing contacts should be deleted manually prior to configuring sync):
Click "Next" and select "Advanced Settings" on the next page:
In the Advanced Settings page, change the sync schedule to "Always on"
for both peak and off-peak times. This will enable "push" sync where
new data is sent to the device as it arrives at the service. You can
use periodic sync if you like but we recommend push unless you have a
particular reason not to want to enable it:
Also in the Advanced Settings page, you can select a particular calendar
to be used for synced data. This can be handy to keep calendar events separate
from those from other sources:
Other potentially useful settings can be changed at this stage
(for example the number of days email and calendar events to sync).
These can be changed later if required.

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