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Who are the NuevaSyncers?

NuevaSync, Inc. is a small privately owned company founded by David Boreham. Our engineering team has a long history developing messaging, directory and database products.

Where is NuevaSync?

At present all our staff and servers are located in the United States of America, west of the Mississippi. NuevaSync, Inc. is US corporation with headquarters near Bozeman Montana.

Your servers are in a log cabin in the woods, right?

Er, no. That's very poetic, but we don't believe there is suitable network infrastructure or data center facilities in Montana for our service. We own and manage all our servers which we keep in cage space we rent from SVColo (an outstanding colocation provider, by the way). Their facilities are highly secure, very reliable, and extremely well connected.

How long have you been in business?

We have been providing sync service to users since September 2007. More than 70,000 users sync their data on a daily basis using our service.

Why don't you have a postal address on your web site?

All our employees work from home offices, so we don't need an office building. Our servers live in a big data center in California and for security reasons such facilities are never identified. So we don't have a useful address to put on the web site.

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