iPhone and iPod Questions

You deleted all the contacts/events from my iPhone! Why did you do that?

Honest, we didn't. Apple did. Their sync client always deletes all the existing events (or contacts) when you setup sync. It will do this if you sync with an Exchange server. To be fair, this probably avoids a host of duplicated event problems, but it can be annoying when you already have a number of contacts in your phone. We warn you about this on our device configuration page and Apple display a big red warning on the phone too. So you've been warned. We have heard that the deleted contacts/events can be restored with a device restore in iTunes (provided it previously made a backup).

Ok, so if the device is going to delete my data, how to I keep it?

There are a few different ways to do this but the overall goal is to sync the phone via iTunes with something that can get your data up to your service provider (e.g. Google). Uploading contacts to Google is easy because iTunes itself can do it. Uploading calendar events is more tricky because you need to sync using iTunes with a desktop calendar application (iCal on the Mac for example, or Outlook on the PC), then upload from that application to Google. Once your phone data is uploaded, you can configure the device to use Nuevasync and although your data is deleted, it'll be downloaded again right away from the service.

I can't find your App on the App Store, where is it?

There is no app, which is why you can't find it. All the software you need is already on your iPhone/iPod.

I haven't updated the software on my iPhone for ages, is that cool?

No, that's uncool because older iPhone and iPod software revisions have bugs that will give you a poor sync experience. Upgrade to 2.2.1 please.

All my events are yellow (or light blue) on my iPhone/iPod. Why?

When syncing multiple calendars, occasionally the device decides to turn either calendars yellow or light blue. This is entirely up to the device and not something we can control. We have observed that if the calendar list is open as the calendars are synced the first time, the chances of yellow being chosen are greatly increased. To fix the yellow/light blue problem, go to the calendar setup page then click the link labeled 'Reset it' near the bottom of the page. Your phone should then resync without the wacky colors.

The colors of the calendars on my iPhone/iPod do not match the colors at Google. Can I change them to match?

Not on the device. The colors on the device are chosen automatically and as of firmware 2.2, cannot be changed manually. However, you can easily change them at Google to match what the device has picked.

Why can't I edit calendar events on my iPhone?

Your sync configuration is incorrect. Make sure that the 'e-mail address' in the sync configuration matches the e-mail address you used for your Nuevasync registration (this may be different to your Google account name). Check this page to see what your configuration should be.

When I first synced, I found I had two copies of some contacts on my iPhone, what's up with that ?

We believe this is an iPhone software issue that can arise if the phone's network service is unreliable or slow when you sync initially, but it seems that a 'resync' will fix the duplicates. Don't add any new contacts before resyncing because the iPhone will delete them.

How do I change the default calendar for new events?

You can change this in the settings app, under 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars...' and scroll to the bottom. This setting doesn't appear until your device completes its initial sync.

Can I have MobileMe sync and Nuevasync enabled at the same time?

We think so yes. Several users have reported that this works.

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