Configuring iPhone and iPod Touch for NuevaSync

We recommend that you connect your phone to iTunes so it can take a backup before configuring.

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can now configure for NuevaSync with a few clicks using the new device configuration profile feature.

Simply click this link using your device, login, and it will configure your settings automatically.

More information about this can be found in this article, or just visit the device setup help page on our web site after logging in.

If you still prefer to use the manual setup process, please read on below:

1. Open the settings app and click "Mail, Contacts, Calendar..."
2. Click "Add Account..."


3. Click "Exchange"
4. On the next screen enter your Email address, NuevaSync Username and Password


5. If you see this warning don't worry. Click either accept or cancel (the result is the same see here for the details)
6. Enter the server name: and click the "next" button


The iPhone will say it's verifying the account information and then that the account was verified.
Note that it is not telling the truth! It doesn't actually check that your username and password are
correct, only that it can contact the server. So if you mis-typed those things, you'll see an error
later even though you passed the verification stage.

7. Select the types of data you want to sync (if in doubt turning them all on is ok) and click "done"
Your iPhone is now setup to sync.


Note that if you are syncing your email with NuevaSync you should disable any existing email account on the phone that uses the same mailbox (for example a GMail account using IMAP). This ensures that the new message count displayed on the email badge on the phone's home screen is correct. If you keep the old account enabled, you'll see roughly double the correct new message count (depending on when exactly the IMAP mailbox refreshes).

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