Google Questions

Do you support Google Apps accounts?


Do you support Google hosted accounts?


Do I need to give you my Google account password?


If I enable the 'force ssl' feature on my Google Apps domain, will your service work?


I read on a blog that I need to reset my Captcha. Do I ?

No. That problem existed for one week, until we were able to finish our support for OAuth. It's no longer relevant or required.

Can I configure two or more Nuevasync accounts to use the same Google account?


Google Calendar Questions

My sports calendars don't sync, what's up with that?

At this time none of the Google sports calendars is available via the Google Calendar API (which is how we access your calendar data). We're not sure, but it's possible this is related to copyright concerns. These sports calendars are not available to any sync service at present, so this is not a NuevaSync-specific limitation.

I want to sync my husband's calendar as well as mine. Can I do that?

Yes you can. Just ensure that he shares his calendar to you.

Do you support shared calendars?

Yes (see above).

Do you support read-only calendars?


Can I choose which calendars to sync?

Yes, after initial setup you can choose which of your calendars you do, or do not, wish to sync from here.

There's a limit of eleven syncing calendars, why?

The limit is designed to keep server and network usage reasonable, in order to give all our users decent service. Premium service users get to sync up to 50 calendars.

Google Contacts Questions

I have contact groups in my GMail account, but they dont't show up on my device, why?

We don't yet support syncing contact groups. All the contacts Google shows in 'My Contacts' will sync to your device.

Which of my contacts at Google will sync ?

Our service syncs all the contacts in the 'my contacts' pseudo group at Google.

I want my 'Suggested Contacts' to sync, can I enable that?

No. We put considerable effort into NOT syncing the suggested contacts. It's possible we will add an option to enable this in the future.

I have two Google accounts and I want to sync contacts from both, can I do that?

No. At present there is no way to share contacts between Google accounts, and we don't support syncing more than one Google account.

I'm Confused about what happens to Google Phone Numbers, can you help?

The key thing to understand is that Google allows an arbitrary number of telephone numbers on each contact. For example you can add two, three or more 'mobile' phone numbers to a contact. Similarly two or more 'home' phone numbers, 'work' numbers and so on. All good, except that the devices we provide sync service for do not allow the same set of phone numbers. For example you can only add one 'mobile' phone number to a contact on the device. This is because the devices are designed to be compatible with Microsoft Exchange. This in turn creates a problem in that if a Google contact has, say, two mobile phone numbers, it is not possible for us to generate an identical contact to be sent to the device. It just can't have two mobile phone numbers. The solution implemented in our service is to 'map' the phone numbers (the same thing is done with e-mail addresses, by the way). So the service first assigns any phone numbers on the contact form Google to fields that match exactly (for example one mobile phone number will be put in the 'mobile' field for the device). Next, any numbers that haven't been dealt with are put in other phone number fields. So for example if there were two mobile phone numbers, the second one will be inserted in the 'car phone' field for the device. The service attempts to preserve all the numbers present on the Google contact by this mapping process. However, if there are too many (it takes quite a large number to get to this point), then the extras will not be sent to the device. The Google contact is left unchanged (the service doesn't remove the extra, un-mappable phone numbers, it just doesn't send them to the device).

Gmail Questions

Do you support synchronizing e-mail with Gmail?

Yes, we do.

Do I have to give you my password for Gmail?

No, we support secure, password-less OAuth authentication for Gmail as well as for Contacts and Calendar. For more information and step-by-step setup instructions see our OAuth for Gmail page.

Do you support "push" with Gmail.

Yes, fully.

How about labels?

Yes, the labels appear like mail folders on the phone. You can move messages between the folders, and the message labels will be updated. One difference from the Gmail web interface is that when moving a message on the device, Google replaces any existing labels with the single new one, so that the message has only one label at a time.


Yes, we do support server-side searching from your phone, so that you can search for and view messages older than those on you've synchronized. Apple iPhones do have one quirk in search worth mentioning. When attempting to open a message from the search results list, they often show a blank message body or a warning that the message body has not yet been downloaded. To load it, scroll down and tap the previously hidden button to download the message.

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