General Service Questions

Is your service a 2-way sync service?


When will you support push e-mail ?


Can I Sync Tasks?

Yes, if you have a Windows Mobile, Palm Pre or Nokia device. We support syncing with Toodledo. iPhones and iPod Touch do not have a Tasks App, and can't sync tasks through our service.

Can I use more than one device/phone with my account?


How long does it take to sync?

Typically a few seconds but it can take longer the first time if you have a large number of events or contacts. Changes made at Google will take a few minutes to show up on your device. If you are not seeing changes sync after more than 10 minutes that usually indicates that an error has occurred and you should first try our troubleshooting process then contact our support team if that doesn't fix things.

I just upgraded my phone to Windows Mobile 6.1, why did sync stop working?

First, you are an old-timer! This issue only affects our earliest users. Second, this can be fixed by logging into our web site and changing your username (new usernames have no '@' in them). Then change your phone configuration to match. Sync should start working again.

What kind of data plan do I need?

It doesn't matter to us, but you may need to evaluate which plan is right for you in the context of the Internet traffic our sync service will generate between your phone and our servers. Our service is designed to use Internet bandwidth efficiently and usually does not generate much traffic but it depends on factors that our outside our control such as how often you and your friends create Calendar events.

Do I need to pay AT&T an extra $15/month?

We're not cell plan experts, and you should consult one for a reliable answer, but don't think so, unless you use your calendar for 'business solutions'. We based our conclusion on ATT's 'Enterprise Data Plan' description we found on their web site.

Only some of my calendar events synced, what's wrong?

When you first configure your account, only calendars that you have read/write access to are enabled for syncing. Use this page to enable sync for your read only and subscribed calendars. Also, we only sync events that pertain to the future and up to 2-weeks into the past (regardless of how long you configured your device to sync back in time).

Should I use push, or periodic or manual sync ?

We recommend push unless you have a good reason to not use it.

I think my battery life is shorter now, what's up ?

We're not sure. In our tests we don't see reduced battery life when using push sync. However a few users have reported that they do. We are continuing to investigate this issue.

I enabled manual sync on my iPhone, now what?

The iPhone/iPod have no obvious way to initiate a manual sync operation. However, our industrious users have experimented and reported that if you hit the home button, then open the calendar application, and wait a few seconds, it will always perform a sync.

So how can I keep my existing contacts and also setup sync?

We haven't had time to research and document this yet but it seems there are ways to export contacts using iTunes to a text file which can then be uploaded to Google. When we learn more about this we'll let you know.

I already sync with my company's Exchange server, can I use Nuevasync?

It depends. Some devices allow more than one Exchange server, but others don't. The iPhone with iOS4, Android 2.x phones and Palm WebOS devices all support multiple servers.

I changed the alert time on an event at Google, but nothing changed on my device, why?

For some reason Google does not mark the event as changed if the only thing that changes is the alert time. Therefore we don't pick up the change. If you make a change to some other event attribute as well (the notes field for example), you'll find that both changes will sync.

Events are syncing between my device and Google but they're one (or two, or three, ...) hours off from where they should be. Help!

Usually this happens because your iPhone or iPod has its calendar time zone enabled, and set to some time zone other than the one you think you're using. Check this in the settings app, under 'Mail, Contacts, Calendar...', scroll to the bottom of the page and look at 'Time Zone Support'. If it is 'on', check the time zone. Usually it's set to something unexpected. The other reason for off-by-N-hour problems is that you have a calendar at Google with its time zone set to something unexpected. Google allows per-calendar timezones and sometimes you end up with a strange mixture of zones.

My all-day events are one day ahead of where I expect them, why?

Usually this is caused by a time zone mis-match between your calendars and the device. Check and double-check the time zone settings. Also, there have been cases where the devices have buggy time zone configuration (either they are missing an update to the dates when daylight savings time changes, or they're picking up bad time zone data from the cell carrier's network) that result in these symptoms.

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