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What do I do if I have a problem?

First log into our site and check the colored lights next to your services. You should see green lights (or blue for Plaxo which we haven't written the verification code for yet). If you see red this usually indicates the configuration you entered on our site is incorrect. If you are unable to get red lights on your own then please contact our support team. If you have green lights, then visit our device configuration page and check that the recommended settings at the top of the page matches the configuration on your phone. Lastly, please check our troubleshooting page for solutions to common problems.

You didn't answer my support question. Why?

We try to answer every support e-mail quickly. However at times we are sleeping. If you send us a question during the night US time, we probably won't answer until the following day. Sometimes we have a problem with the service that we quickly identify and begin working on a fix. In such a situation if we receive additional e-mails that relate to that problem, we give priority to working on the fix vs. replying to the e-mail. So if we have not replied it may be because we are fixing the problem.

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Feel free to e-mail us at or ask the community on our discussion forum.

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