Push E-Mail Sync Service

NuevaSync E-Mail Service provides over-the-air, 'push' synchronization of e-mail messages between your mailbox on a corporate server or hosted service, and your mobile device. There's no application to download: the service works with sync software already installed on the phone. Just configure your NuevaSync account, then your device, and start syncing.

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Push Sync

Push sync delivers your new e-mail messages to your device within seconds of their arrival at your mail server. Most devices support some kind of beep and vibrate alert for new messages. Therefore you can leave your device in your pocket, only turning it on to read new e-mail when it beeps. Depending on the device type, proper operation of push sync usually requires a cell data connection (E-Mail will sync over WiFi but push is usually not supported because WiFi shuts down when the device sleeps).

Supported Devices

  • iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S running 2.2.1 or 3.x software
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Phones
  • Palm Pre
  • Nokia S60 Series with Mail for Exchange
  • RoadSync
  • SonyEricsson Phones
  • Nokia N900
  • Android Devices (TouchDown and Google's Android 2.0 client, and RoadSync only: HTC's email client does not work).

Supported E-Mail Servers and Services

The service is designed to work with any IMAP and SMTP services that support secure connections. Your IMAP server must support the IDLE command in order for push sync to work (without IDLE new messages are still pushed to your device but only fetched from your mail server every few minutes). The following mail servers and services have been tested:

NOT Supported E-Mail Services

The following services are NOT supported:

  • Hotmail (no IMAP)
  • Yahoo (their IMAP service is not usable at present).
This list will be updated as more servers are tested.

Service Details

One Mailbox Supported

The service syncs one IMAP mailbox. Multiple mailbox sync is not supported at present.

Sender address

For iPhone users, the sender address for outgoing messages is provided by the device. If you mis-type your e-mail address when setting up sync on your device, then messages will be sent with that incorrect sender address. Most devices do not supply a sender address display name and so the service will insert your first and last name from your account record, if present.

Known Issues

The list of known issues and limitations is maintained here.

Additional E-Mail Sync Resources

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