EMail Account Configuration

EMail sync needs to use two kinds of mail server. The first, IMAP, provides access to your mailbox and messages. The second, SMTP, allows messages you compose on your device to be sent. You need to provide the server information for both your IMAP and SMTP services. If you are unsure about your server settings, ask your EMail administrator or hosting company.


GMail users can use a simplified configuration process because we know the correct server names, ports and security settings for GMail:


The account status page on the web site performs an access check on the IMAP server. If you see a green light, then the setup information for IMAP is valid. At present no check is done for SMTP server validity.



Our service is designed to ensure that your EMail is secure and therefore we do not allow non-encrypted communication with your mail servers. In the case of IMAP, SSL is required. The service supports SMTP with either TLS or SSL. Authenticated SMTP is required.

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