Device Support Questions

Do you support the iPhone ?

We support all iPhone models. If you have an original iPhone you need to upgrade its firmware to 3.x or later.

Do you support the iPod ?

If it's an iPod touch running anything except very old (2.x) firmware, yes.

How about the iPad

Yes. iPads work with NuevaSync.

Do I need to install any software on my phone?


Do I need a 'jailbroken' iPhone?


Do you support older Palm devices such as the Cento


Do you support the new Palm Pre?


Do you support Windows Mobile?

Yes. This includes devices such as the Moto Q, the Blackjack, Samsung Omnia, Saga, and HTC phones.

Do you support older PocketPC 2003 devices?

Yes we do.

What about Nokia phones ?

Yes, Nokia's E and N series phones can be used with their Mail for Exchange application. See this article for configuration information and this page for more Nokia questions answered. The new N900 device is also supported.

Do you support BlackBerry devices?

BlackBerry devices can use this client with our service. However, for Google sync there is a better solution from Google themselves.

And Android Devices?

Yes. The "native" Android 2.0 sync client (email and contacts) is supported. For a more complete sync experience users should try TouchDown from NitroDesk, which supports tasks and calendar as well as email and contacts. The Motorola Droid's calendar sync client is also supported. Other Android sync clients such as RoadSync and HTC should work but have not been extensively tested yet.

Are SonyEricsson Devices Supported?

Yes. The following devices have been seen using the service: P1i,C510a,C702,C902,C903a,C905,C905a,G502,G700i,G705,G900i,K630i,K660i,K850i,T700,W595,W705a,W760i,W890i,W902,W910i,W960i,W980,W995a.

Do you support any other devices ?

Some users have reported success using DataViz RoadSync product on a variety of devices.

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