Mobile Device IPv6 Support Status

This page lists the latest known status for IPv6 support in mobile devices commonly used with NuevaSync.


Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch have full IPv6 support. Automatic tunneling is not supported. One known issue: If the sync server is only reachable with IPv6, and the device does not have IPv6 connectivity on its 3G/WWAN network, then "push" functionality will not work. This is because the device always tries to use 3G for the push traffic but will not deal with the situation where the server is not contactable over that network. Rather than falling back to WiFi it simply stops push service altogether. This issue affects devices configured to use the special test host name : because it is (deliberately) not reachable using IPv4. The regular host name is not affected because it is reachable using both IPv6 and IPv4 (after June 8, 2011).


Some, possibly all Nokia S60 Series devices have IPv6 support and can sync with IPv6. The E71 and E72 definitely work.

Nokia Maemo

Nokia's N900 Linux phone does not support IPv6 unless a special kernel is used. It does however have a bug in the sync client that affects NuevaSync now that we have IPv6-enabled our service. N900 users (unless they are running the special IPv6-aware kernel) need to use a different server host name to work around the bug : More information on this problem here. An N900 with the special kernel installed to enable IPv6 will sync using IPv6.


Status mixed. Some devices tested have IPv6 enabled but do not perform AAAA record DNS lookups. Therefore IPv6 sync does not work. Others have complete IPv6 support. It appears that HTC devices work but Samsung do not.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 does not support IPv6 at present.

Windows Mobile

Some WM6.1 and 6.5 devices are rumored to have IPv6 support. We know that the HTC TouchPro2 works for example.


Status unknown at this time but unlikely to support IPv6.

Palm/HP WebOS

Known to not support IPv6 at this time (kernel build option disabled).


Status unknown at this time.

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