Configuring Devices to use NuevaSync

Specific, detailed configuration instructions are available for the following device types:

After completing device configuration you can check on your sync status at our web site.

Generic Configuration Instructions

  1. To get your device syncing you only need to setup its Exchange client with the correct username, password, server name and your email address.
  2. If you're syncing email, that email address is the one you want to send messages from.
  3. If your device wants a domain name, enter whatever you like because we don't use that field.
  4. SSL or secure connection must be turned on, but this is the default for most devices and does not usually need to be changed.
  5. You can usually enable or disable sync for contacts, calendar, email and for some devices also tasks. Our service will work regardless of which you have enabled but obviously you should turn on the categories that you want to sync. If in doubt, turning them all on will always work.
  6. It's usually possible to configure various additional settings such as the number of days email to sync.
  7. For your account, you should use your NuevaSync username, your NuevaSync password (same one you used to log into this web site), and this server name: Please see below for device-specific instructions.
We recommend you take a backup of your device before configuring, particularly if it holds your only copy of valuable data like contacts. Most devices can be backed up by connecting to your desktop computer, for example using iTunes for an iPhone.

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