Contacts Capture

Contacts Capture stores all contact data flowing through the service and allows the user to download that data from the web site in the popular vCard format. Even contacts that have been accidentally deleted can be recovered (as long as those contacts had been sync'ed). A snap shot feature allows the current contact state to be frozen, allowing recovery of any contacts that are already stored, even if they're subsequently changed.

How to enable capture

Capturing can be enabled on the account settings page. Capturing will usually be turned on by default for users with Premium Service. Make sure the check-box shown below with the red arrow is checked:

Capturing can be turned off by un-checking the check-box and clicking save.
Once enabled, any captured contacts for your devices will be indicated on the device status page:


Clicking "manage" displays this page, which allows access to the captured data download page, and for for a snap shot to be taken:


Click one of the links to download a ".vcf" file containing your contacts data:


This example shows a previously taken snap shot:


What can I do with a .vcf file ?

The vCard format file produced by Contacts Capture can be imported into a wide range of applications and services including Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts and Yahoo Contacts. Note that some limitations apply to these import mechanisms. For example Google's import facility does not handle contact pictures (Update: I think it does handle pictures now).

How to delete captured data

Any captured contact data for your account can be deleted by clicking the "Delete my captured contact data" on the account settings page. If the link is not visible then there is no captured data to be deleted.

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