Google Calendars to Device Event Categories for Windows Phones

Windows Mobile/Windows Phone devices at present lack support for multiple calendars. NuevaSync has always allowed syncing of multiple Google calendars to these devices, but all the events were "merged" into the device's single calendar. NuevaSync users with Premium Service can now have the Google calendar for each event appear as a "category" on the device. This means that events from individual Google calendars can be selected for display on the phone. Also events created on the device can be assigned to a specific Google calendar. Some Windows Phone 6.5 users will be able to assign colors to the calendar categories, allowing a closely matched to their Google calendar colors (if the device includes a calendar app that supports colored categories such as Samsung's "myCalendar").

Using Calendar Categories

Here's an example showing how calendar categories work. This Google Calendar account has three calendars:


After syncing, the calendar names appear as event categories on the phone. Here MenuFilter has been selected:


The category name for any read-only calendar will have an asterisk to remind you that it can't be changed, e.g. "UK Holidays*". Every synced event has one category showing the Google calendar to which it belongs:


When creating a new event on the phone, a category can be selected like this:


So this event created on the phone has been assigned the category "Family":


And it syncs to the Family calendar at Google (Green):



  • The service expects only one category per event but it is possible to add more than one when creating or editing an event on the device. The service will pick one.
  • Device event categories are used strictly for Google calendar data. You can't add your own additional categories on the device. These will be lost on a resync (turn calendar category mapping off if you want to manage event categories yourself).

Enabling Calendar Categories

New Premium accounts, and all Premium Service free trial accounts should have the calendar to category mapping feature enabled. To check visit the calendar setup page on our web site by clicking "setup" next to "Calendar" on the main page. You'll see a check box "Mapping from Google Calendars names..." as shown below. If it's disabled, check that box and click save:


In addition, if you had to check the box above, it will be necessary to reset your device's calendar sync state. This ensures that new event data with the categories is fetched. Reset your device's calendar sync state by visiting the device management page on our web site. Click "manage" next to the device you want to reset. On the next page click "Reset Calendar" as shown below:


Other Device Types

Older Palm devices running PalmOS (e.g. the Centro) support categories and also allow colors to be assigned to each category. At this time no other devices support the categories field so unfortunately this feature can't be used with Nokia phones or Palm WebOS devices. Apple devices including the iPhone and iPod Touch already have full multiple calendar support and therefore don't need this feature.

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