Calendar Account Setup

1. Log into Google's Calendar web site. This ensures that you associate the correct Google
account with your NuevaSync account, in the case that you have more than one Google account
or where you share your computer with someone else that has used Google calendar.
2. Log in to the NuevaSync web site
3. Click "change" next to calendar:
4. In the next screen, select "Google" (or another calendar service if more are available), then click "Change":
5. Now enter your Google username then click "Request account access":
6. You should now see a Google web page asking if you want to grant or deny account access.
Click "Grant access" and you should then see a confirmation page back on the NuevaSync web site.
Click "Continue" which will display the account status page.
You should now see a green light and your Calendar setup is complete:
To select which calendars sync (the default set includes all calendars that you have write permission for)
just click "setup" next to "Calendar" to see the list of synced calendars.

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