Configuring BlackBerry devices for NuevaSync

We recommend backing up your phone before configuring (this can be done using BlackBerry
Desktop Manager with the phone docked via USB).

BlackBerry devices do not have a native Exchange sync client and so it is necessary to
install one: AstraSync. AstraSync is a $49/yr commercial
application. There is a free trial version.

Note that it is not necessary to have the BlackBerry Internet service in order to use
AstraSync with NuevaSync. The device only needs working TCP/IP or WAP service.

1. Download and install AstraSync. The over-the-air download option is usually most convenient.
Once installed you should see the AstraSync icon on the home screen:


2. Start AstraSync and configure your NuevaSync username, password and server :
SSL must be enabled. The domain is required but is not used by our service,
so you can enter anything, e.g. "notused":

screenshot2.jpg screenshot3.jpg

3. Usually allowing AstraSync to detect network connectivity is ok, but you will need to
ensure that you're in a cell data service area for it to correctly identify your network
settings. Enable the data types for sync that you need (email, contacts and calendar are
supported). Once configured the device should begin its initial sync:

screenshot4.jpg screenshot5.jpg

4. After the initial sync has completed, enable push service by selecting Menu then 'options',
then 'sync schedule', then select 'Direct push':


The sync status screen (Menu then 'Sync Status') should indicate that push service is active:


Note that at present there are a few limitations of the AstraSync client vs most other phones:

  • Attachments can't be added to mail composed on the device.
  • html links in messages can't be opened directly by clicking.
  • There's no support for server message search.
  • Contact picture sync is nto currently supported.
  • AstraSync is a Java application and so runs better on newer, faster devices.
  • AstraSync's own mail application is used rather than the native messaging app (native calendar and contacts applications are supported).
More information can be found on AstraSync's support forum.

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