Configuring Android Devices for NuevaSync

We recommend that you ensure that you have a backup of all important data on your phone before configuring it.

There are many different varieties of Android device. Most have a similar setup procedure. The screen shots below were taken from a Samsung Galaxy S phone. HTC and Motorola devices are similar. If the procedure on your device appears significantly different please contact the NuevaSync support team for help.

1. Open the settings app
2. Select "Accounts and Sync" as shown in the screen shot below:


3. Select "New Account" as shown at the bottom of the screen shot below:


4. Select account type "Corporate". Note that some devices will not allow more than one corporate sync account to be configured.


5. Enter your email address (if you intend to sync email then enter the email address for the mailbox) and your NuevaSync password:


6. Now enter your NuevaSync username and type "" for the server name, like this (don't change the password, it was carried over from the previous screen):


7. The next screen allows some account settings to be changed. These can also be changed later so if you're unsure just leave these at the default settings:


7. Finally enter a name for the account on the phone (this can be anything, we've used "NuevaSync" in the example below) and your name (used for outgoing email unless overridden in your NuevaSync account):


After clicking "Done" on the last screen your phone should start syncing. Contacts, calendar events, and email (depending on data types selected for syncing) should appear within a minute or two. You can check the device's sync status and progress on the scope page on the NuevaSync Control Panel web site. Visit this page : and click "scope" next to your device to see real-time sync status.

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