Nuevasync Account Setup

Account setup is easy (but you need an account first, sign up here):

1. First decide what types of data you want to sync (pick any of email, calendar and contacts--tasks are not currently supported).
You can change your selection later.
2. Next, log in to our web site then setup your account for each data type (calendar, contacts, email) in turn.
Instructions for each kind of data are shown below.
3. Finally, check that you have "green lights" in the account status page, like this:
If you see any red lights (like the screen shot below), then there's a configuration problem that needs to be fixed
before you can sync. Click the red light to see more details on the problem.
Usually steps necessary to correct the problem are also displayed but if not, contact our support team for help.
When your account is setup and showing green lights, it's time to configure your phone

Email Sync Setup

See here for Email setup instructions.

Setting up Calendar Sync

See here for Calendar setup instructions.

Contact Sync Setup

See here for Google Contacts setup instructions or here for Yahoo!

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